Our Story

Our Story

Our church has been ministering to the people of San Jose since 1907 and what we felt was important then is still the most important to us now.  

  • When we began, we believed that Jesus was the perfect example of love that all of us are empowered by God to follow today
  • We believed that leading someone to meet Jesus would transform their lives now and change their eternity
  • We believed the only thing that mattered was that people would see God’s love for them in how we treated them
  • We believed that we glorified God when we cared for the neglected, the exploited and the defenseless through the Spirit of Jesus living in us

Through every generation of leadership, our church has kept at its core the challenge of guiding people to find and follow Jesus in San Jose, the Bay Area and in every nation.

Our first meetings took place in a tent before we started renting a hall at 84 W. Santa Clara St.  In 1908 we began renting the First Presbyterian Church on 48 N. 3rd Street, newly rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake.  In 1928 the congregation was able to build a church for itself at 21st Street & San Fernando Streets in downtown San Jose.

Interesting Trivia: As the Great Depression started, the ladies in the church began to minister to the community by feeding hundreds of children in the church basement during their school lunch hour. This ministry is credited in California history as the inspiration and start of California’s public school free lunch program.

In 1962 the congregation relocated to 4801 Alum Rock Avenue and in 2006 we built and moved to our current location.

Today our church is as diverse as the Bay Area.  We have worship services (online during pandemic) in 5 languages, all at 10:30 AM on Sundays.  Each language has their own pastor and worship.  Our Student and Children’s ministries are online in English and we continue to serve the people of San Jose.  All of our offerings are combined and stewarded by a single leadership team with equal representation from each language.