Small Groups Online

Small Groups Online

What is a small group?

A small group is a safe harbor for finding freedom Through transformational friendships.

To join an Online Small Group, check the checkbox and add your name and email and submit. We’ll respond quickly with details about joining the small group.
All our small groups are happening over Zoom.

Keith Bonner & DanTeuthorn (Men's) 8:00 AM SundaysLucy Nava-Lyew 9:00 AM SundaysReal Talk with Pastor Vic Jr and Sr High. 9:30 AM SundaysZoom with Miss Julie 4:00 PM Mondays Grade school childrenJung/Gene Hudson 7:00 PM Tuesdays Boundaries by Cloud & TownsendYisheng & Tracy Zhang (Mandarin) 8:00 PM Tuesday MandarinPastor Archie & Rebekah Jackson 7:00 PM Wednesday Story formed lifePastor Greg Gates 7:00 PM Wednesday Bible Study JohnChristian Alonzo/Ana Sevilla & Nicolas Uicab (Spanish) 7:30 PM WednesdayAron & Sue Fu (Mandarin Speaking) 8:30 AM WednesdayTracy Chen - Women’s (Mandarin) 2:30 PM Thursday evangelisticJulie Garcia: Women's Group 7:00 PM Thursday Rhythms of RenewalPastor Greg Gates 7:00 PM Thurs Bible Study JohnRoger Hsu - (Men’s Mandarin ) 8:00 AM SaturdayMatt & Carmen Mckinstry 7:00 PM alternate Saturday Alt English / SpanishGreg Hart (Young Adults) 7:30 PM Saturday Young Professionals Book study

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