Why Is The Church So Important?

Why Is The Church So Important?


  • Earliest memories of the church?  Basketball or music school.
  • Facebook comments about us.


  • God created the church because he wanted a family
  • Romans 12:9-16 is a vision for how the church should function


  • I actually want to commend you today for being resilient and for being creative. And in the midst of a global pandemic, when you couldn’t come gather at a physical address, you found a way to gather at an internet address.

Lessons from Covid

  • The difference between the people and the building emerged for me during covid.
  • What would have to change to come out of this pandemic a better church?

A listening church

  •  Places our community is in pain and we can be present there.
  •  The church should be in a listening mode. Not always a goal setting achieving mode.
  •  How we can learn from Christians and churches from around the world.

A Jesus lead church

  • It doesn’t feel like I’m following the Jesus of the Bible
  • What to do now? Do nothing. Listen. Let God be God
  • Can’t maximize your life and be a Christian


  • Things are getting dark, but the light shines best in the darkness. And we’re called to be the light.
  • When we gather, we can borrow hope from each other.
  • Redwood trees 350’ high.  Cathedral trees.  Intertwined roots
  • The church is a window through which people look and they see Jesus
  • That’s why the church is the hope of the world, because it reveals Jesus

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