God will meet you where you are in order to take you where He wants you to go.

Tony Evans

There is this place that God is taking us. I’m very excited about this turn that we’re making. Hopefully you’re making this turn with us. We’re giving you some tools and some teachings. And matter of fact, how many of you, you don’t have to be weird about this if you didn’t, but how many of you text and kind of downloaded this week, the fasting of your negative thoughts? How many of you did that? Would you raise your hand if you, if you participate in that, quite a number of us and you can still do that by texting. Three, three, seven, seven, seven and it’ll just come onto your phone every day. And man, it’s a powerful things that you’re reading and you’re going forward in what we’re doing. And that’s a part of it, is taking some things away. So we’re going to go there a little bit today because as we’ve been talking about spiritual disciplines, and I want to encourage you to take the back of your program, turn it over, take a pen if you need one.

Our ushers can give you a pen. If you’ll raise your hand, they’ll come and give you one, but take some notes. Whatever you hear today that might be pertinent to what you’re, where you’re going, where you are, throw some things down, take some notes. Okay. And I’ll guarantee you in the midst of this today, you’re going to hear something through me or the Holy spirit to just actually go for it. So if you need a pen, raise your hand or ushers are helping you do that now. And just remember that we’ve covered some. We’re halfway through this spiritual discipline. We’re exactly halfway through. We’ve, we’ve covered six already. Today is seven. We’ve covered celebration, we’ve covered guidance, we’ve covered worship. All these are spiritual disciplines within themselves. Confession, prayer. Last week we talked about fasting. Some of you actually emailed me and you’re, you were fasting some real physical things and I was praying for you.

So thanks for communicating that back to me in a lot of you took place in the fasting of your negative thoughts and how to replace those things. And so we’re going to move forward today with this discipline that somewhat hard as we just experienced this, the discipline of meditation, meditation because meditation in the Christian world has kind of been hijacked and we’ll talk about that in just a few moments where the Bible tells us, you know, nearly a hundred times throughout the scriptures to meditate and meditate and meditate. The how do you do that? Because see, we live in a very strange and weird world. Agree. We live in a weird place and if you’re over 40 like I am and I’m about at that 60 decade here, you, you know, we live in a real strange world. We live in a world like I didn’t think we would ever get to this place where we are and I’m not just talking about politically or I’m talking about every which way that you can think.

We live in a weird world. For example, I saw this and wrote this into my notes and didn’t want to skip this because I would’ve never thought this because me growing up as a kid, a video game, maybe you can relate to this. A video game was like a, a white bar here and a white bar here are you, you know where I’m going? And there was like a white dot that came on the screen and it would just, you take the bar with something, you know, and you ping in the bar and the little dot we go about that fast. I remember those. That’s, was that a tare? Was that what that was? And so that’s, we’ve evolved pretty heavy in this weird world that we live in because back in June,


Anyone have ever heard of the, the game fortnight? If you have, raise your hand if you’ve heard of Fortnite, raise your hand. Okay. If you’ve never heard the, the word or the game fortnight, raise your hand if you’ve never heard of it.

Never heard of it. Wow. We live in a weird world.

There’s more people that have never heard of it in here that have heard of it and this is where we are. This is the strangest because back in July of this year, a 16 year old get that too. You’re a 16 year old, won $3 million for being the champion of fortnight, $3 million. That’s more now, look, I’m a big golfer. Anybody golf that’s more than anybody has ever won at a single golf. Even the masters only pays out 2 million. Now it’s 2.1 million. So here we’ve got a 16 year old making more money playing a video game and I may be just giving people permission. Thank God the middle schoolers are out of here, giving them permission to just play more video games when the parents are going. Why are you saying this? Because we live in a weird world and some of us are still asking again, what is Fortnite again that you can win $3 million? What is that? This game didn’t even come on the scene until two to 2017 2017 and it’s taken over the universe.

Why am I saying that in the middle of this? Because studies now tell us that as a result of our, come on, pull them out of our technology addiction. How many of you have your, you’re scared to do this cause you don’t know what I’m doing. How many of you have your phones with you right now? Raise your hands. Come on everybody. How many of you when you left this morning, did this happen? Anybody when you left this morning, you forgot your phone turned around and went and got it?

Anybody want to? Yeah, there you go. So it happens all the time. But if you leave your kid, Oh well love just have to be on their own. I can’t live without my phone, but anybody else, anything else? They can just stay hang back there as a result of our technology addiction, believe or not, you know this, we’re just not willing to do anything about it. Relational skills are dwindling.

We’re not [inaudible].

We’re not learning how to interact with people anymore. And it’s really starting to affect, it’s affecting families because families are are breaking apart at rapid paces as a result of technology. It’s amazing that when my wife and I go on a date, we’ll look over and we’ll see family sitting at a table, all of them on a screen, not communicating with them. Maybe they are communicating with one another, but it’s on the screen. I don’t know. This generation is turning more and more and more to a screen for fulfillment and we’re part of that anxiety now as a result of it has a seat at every family table anxiety because we’re not sure what to do with it. We’re not sure how to control it. We’re not sure how to bring squares or boundaries around this thing. That’s an addiction in all of our lives and it’s younger and younger and younger that is happening to kids are living as a result of it in a fish bowl of comparison of comparison. And as a result of that, bullying has now just become an epidemic in elementary schools, living life at a faster pace than ever before. And now officially this generation that we’re in has been labeled scientifically, officially the loneliest generation.

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However, [inaudible]

And I thought all of this stuff was supposed to get us together. Maybe that was the big deception, the loneliest generation ever. Maybe it’s time for us to learn what meditation really is. Maybe it’s time for us to learn how to, here’s a big word, write it down, detach. I want you to write it down, but there’s some more coming. We need to learn how to detach because that’s at the heart of the discipline of meditation to detach. So what happens in this discipline of meditation, we actually have to create an emotional and spiritual space, which allows Christ to construct an inner sanctuary of our heart. We have to create this look. That’s why it’s a discipline. You have to create it. And the more we’re going deeper into controls of electronics and screens and pace of hurry, the more we’re going there, the harder that is to create this emotional space.

No one likes a lack of noise anymore. We go to sleep with fans on and white noise and we don’t like it when there’s no noise. We don’t like it to create these spaces, but please listen to me. Listen to me as I had you write down the word detach. I need you to know that detachment is not enough. That’s the trick of Eastern religion. When it comes to meditation, all they want you to do is detach and empty yourself. That’s the trick. We have to move on to attachment. So if you wrote down, detach, you have to write down please. I have to move toward attachment. The detachment from noise and the detachment from confusion all around us has to lead us somewhere. It can’t just lead us to emptiness. The detachment from noise in the detachment, confusion. The detachment from addiction has to lead us

To God. Christian biblical meditation

From the word of God as it speaks to us to meditate is not just about emptying yourself. I you need to hear that this morning. It’s not just about emptying yourself. It’s about filling your heart with truth. It’s about filling your mind with truth. It’s about filling your soul with truth and God’s word, which is why God spoke to us. Jesus spoke to us and said, Hey, here’s the greatest command. Love me Lau with all of your heart, soul, mind, strength, everything. Don’t empty your mind and just love me with your heart. You got to love me with all of it. Fill it with all of it. It’s about your heart. It’s about your mind. It’s about your strength. It’s about your soul. Richard Foster, who wrote a book entitled celebration of discipline, which is all about the spiritual disciplines and most of the series is coming out of this book from us. I’m writing small group discussions. If you’re not in a small group, you don’t know this, but if you are, you’ve seen some of these discussions that are coming strictly out of the book by Richard Foster and he wrote this on the screen. Look, Christian meditation very simply is the ability to hear God’s voice and obey his word. It’s that simple.


Goes on to say, we, we want it to be more complex. We want it to be more difficult, but it’s just that simple to hear God’s voice. You have to create a space for it to hear God’s voice and then do what the voice is telling you

To do. It’s just that simple.

So let’s get some scripture in here today. I want you to turn with me. I’m going to put it on the screen, but if you have a device, an iPad, an iPhone, whatever, and you have scripture on there, I want you to actually get there. Maybe highlight some things on your device. If you actually brought a paper Bible with you, you can use your eyeballs and turn it over there and then maybe underline a few things cause I’m going to read, which is very uncommon for us, but I’m going to read quite a number, quite a bit of scripture right off the bat here. So hang with me. Stay awake, don’t, if someone next to you is nodding elbow, you got permission. Okay, if elbow and don’t work, hit him upside the head, whatever it takes for them to stay awake for the scripture. But we’re going to go all the way back.

We have to go all the way back to the creation of man to see where we are today in that kind of unique. So Genesis chapter two is where we’re going and we’re going to move right into chapter three we’re going to read the last verse of chapter two. We’re the ones who put chapters in verses on this things. When they were written, there was no chapters, there were no verses. So we’re just going to kind of continue it on in. All right. But in Genesis two 25 it says this, let’s read quite a bit. Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beasts of the field that the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, did God actually say you shall not eat of any tree in the garden? And the woman said to the serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden, but God said you shall not eat it. The fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it least you die. Verse four but the serpent said to the woman, you shall not surely die.

Listen guys, the [inaudible]

Enemy will always tell you the opposite of what God says. And the way he does that is he’s trying to tell you that God just wants to rip you off. God just wants to minimize life for you. God just wants you to have the least of the least. When in fact, the Bible says that Jesus came in John 10 10 remember that you would have life and life to the fullest, or in the old version it says more abundantly than you’ve ever had it. Let’s keep reading. Verse five for God knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be open and you’ll be like God knowing good and evil. So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was a delight to the eyes and the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit. She ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her and he ate. Then the eyes of both were open,


They knew they were naked. Remember how this started? They were naked and not ashamed. They knew they were naked. They sewed fig leaves together, made themselves loincloths, and they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God. We’d been doing it ever since among the trees of the garden, but the Lord God called to the man and said to him, where are you? And he said, I heard the sound of you in the garden. And I was afraid.

Yeah, because I was in nature. I was naked. I hid myself.

He said, who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree? Which I commanded you not to eat?

The man said the woman, some things never change. Do they? The woman you gave to be with me, she gave me the fruit of the tree. I ate. Then the Lord God said to the woman, what is this you have done? The woman said, the serpent deceived me and I ate.

You know, the origin of the blame and victim culture didn’t start with Twitter and hashtag the origin of the blame culture started right there. It’s not my fault,

It’s your fault. God, you gave me this woman some of my fault, and then the woman looks over and says, not my fault, it’s his fault. He deceived me and the man looks up and he’s supposed to be the one in charge. It’s not my fault, it’s her fault. Everybody’s pointing fingers because everybody is not guilty. Nothing is my fault anymore. I’m a victim.

I’m a victim of my circumstances. I’m a victim of my background. I’m a victim of my upbringing. I’m a victim of the world which is around me and the enemy loves this

Because as long as we continue to abdicate personal responsibility,

We will feel no need for transformation. Can I say that again? As long as we keep

Advocating personal responsibility,

We will feel no need for transformation. And I’m telling you that most of us today, not just in this room, but in the church at large in the world at large, Christianity at large, I just read a Pew research study this week, this said, now church attendance is going down even more. And the average Christian Christ follower, the average person who’s experienced Christ is going to church 1.3 times a month because we feel no need for transformation. Everything else is happening and we like this isn’t adding value to my life. Everything else is adding value to my life and I’m a victim of it anyway. And so we just stay victims and we stay addicts and we stay addicted to all this stuff. And that becomes the lot in our life

If we’re not careful. So therefore, many of us walk around never experiencing freedom. Freedom. That is yours in Christ Jesus. We started this text, Adam and Eve were in the garden. They were naked and not ashamed naked and not ashamed, not just physically, emotionally, you name it. And so I just want to kind of balance what I’m saying before we get too deep into this today, that there are people in this room. When I look at a crowd like this, there are people sitting in this room listening online, listening in the family viewing room. You’ve never had a day in your life where you did not feel shame because of something that took place in your life. Some of you are right here right now trying to become free from shame you’ve never experienced a day without. You just haven’t been able to detach yourself from shame. And then there’s something that comes along with shame, kind of the big brother

Of shame, if you will, and it’s called condoms


Covers you and didn’t. You look at the world and life through this grid of shame and you can’t see anything clearly because it’s a shame grid that you’re looking through and nothing seems to be in order. Everything’s distorted. And that’s the darkness that most people today live in. And so we hide from God and we hide from reality and we addict ourselves to technology and various other types of things and this is the darkness that so many people live in that darkness of shame, that darkness of condemnation, always hearing this voice in your mind that you are a mistake, that you will never be good enough in that voice came from somewhere. Someone that loves you, someone that was in command or authority over you, someone that loves you deeply, that you respected at some point could have said something like that, something in that neighborhood. You’re never amount to anything. There’s something wrong with you. You’re too fat, you’re too skinny, you’re not athletic enough, you’re not worth anything, and some of those voices are still rolling through our head

In some fashion

And sometimes that doesn’t go away with age

Like everything else does. Sometimes it gets worse.

Some of us in this room, you are adopted and you’re still living with the shame of abandonment because you still don’t know why your biological parents

Didn’t want you.

Some of us, it’s as simple as being cut from a sports team because you are told red line you aren’t good enough to make the team and so it just screams inside of you. You’re not good enough, you’re not good enough. I don’t have what it takes, and you take that into everything and you’re not even engaged in the body of Christ in any form of leadership. When someone’s even asked you, because that happened so long ago and you’re still saying, I don’t have what it takes,

I don’t have what it takes. You were let go from a job and you’re still hearing you’re not enough. You’re not enough

And you’re still trying to get people to like you and to perform in such a way that affirmation will come your way from people because you keep hearing you’re not enough. Our society today are you with me church, our society today screams at us in every which way. You are not

Enough. We

Just become infatuated as a result of that screaming in our ears and we become infatuated with being thin or we become infatuated with being fit or we become with being richer, smarter. We spend most of our life trying to be in the land of earth and then when we finally get to earth, we realize that we are not the thinnest. We are not the fittest. We are not the richest. We are not the smartest and so we’re either Arin or esteem, but we’re never being who God has called you and created you and breathe in you to be and that’s where we are today. You are created in the image of God. You know that here, but it’s never dropped down into here for some reason because you’ve never meditated.

He did on it long enough to be truth in your life.

You are filled with God given destiny. You are, and some of you need to have some self talk and say, I had been given God, given destiny. I have been given God given potential. I have been given a breath from the Holy spirit and the power of the almighty God who with one word created everything. You need to say that. You need to believe that, but every voice in our world tells you somehow you’re not good enough. Every voice in the world as I approached the age that I’m approaching, tells me, Oh, you’re just too old now. There’s a shelf life here. There’s, you’re never going to be who you are. You’re never going to be this anymore. You’re never going to do that. Or there’s some of us, you’re just too young. You’re just too young. You’re just too young. You’re not a good enough father. You’re not a good enough mother. Can’t you see that? You’re not good enough wife, you’re not a good enough husband.


And folks, that’s a dark place to live, but many people are living there in the church. We’re living there. Just try to live in the shoes of me telling you once to get somebody to engage into the church life, engage into leadership and listen to everything that comes out that says, no, I can’t do that. No, I’m not meant to do that. No, I can’t. I’m not enough. No, you don’t want me. No, I’m not good enough. No, no, no, no, no. And it’s the message that screams louder than the truth

And that’s a dark place for us to live. But unfortunately, too many of us are living there.

I need to really quickly give you very quickly, give you three things that darkness does to you. And we’re living in this darkness of condemnation. We’re living in this darkness that these voices are rolling through our heads and it’s not truth. So write them down there on the screen. Three things. Number one, darkness. And just pretend that we’re in a dark room. We try to do that today. But those windows up there wouldn’t let us do it. But then you couldn’t write notes. Darkness conceals your identity is what it does. You don’t even know who you are cause you can’t see yourself. And then when you’re living there, you don’t even believe I could be screaming at the top of my lungs, which some of you say you are stopped on scream anymore and you still wouldn’t believe me

That you are God breathed

Darkness, confuses your surroundings. You can’t see where you’re going. You have no hope.

You’re not even sure that you are going, here’s what most of us are doing. We’re just putting one foot in front of another, trying to make a living to get enough money to buy enough bread to eat and get the energy so we can go back to work to get the energy to get the money and it’s just a circle of darkness that we live in and then we consume ourselves with stuff in. The more stuff we have, the more fulfilled we are that we realize, no, that’s not truth and now we know what to do because we’re back into the cycle again. Darkness confines you number three to having to rely on what you feel. Totally dependent on having to feel your way. Ever been in a dark room last night with my grandson. We’re playing hide and seek in the dark house. All the lights have to be off. Nothing has to be on except for his flashlight. And I stomped my toe about five different times cause you have to feel your way through. And what that does is it slows you down and you’re not sure that you can go forward anymore. And that’s why we’re living our life. The enemy wants you to feel like you are never

Enough in this place of darkness

And the enemy, what he’s done and what he will continue to do is to make sure that you and I live our life so busy, so maxed out that the only voice you hear is the voice of shame in this dark.

Yes. Cause you don’t know how to get out of the darkness.

And that’s where we are living in this busy-ness, living in this turmoil, turmoil of going in the cycle does not. Knowing when it’s going to stop. And the only thing that can happen, Hey, our worship team is awesome. And Stewart, where are you? I don’t even know if you’re here, is their yard over there? It’s good to see you back in the drum cage cause he had to get out of San Jose and he lives in Austin, Texas and we’re trying to convince him to move back. But you know what? Everything here says it’s just too busy here. It’s too crazy here. The commute. How many of you experienced that living right here and that’s just what the enemy wants us to always feel and always experienced. Like the only way I can get through this is to go somewhere else. It’s do it. That wasn’t meant as a dig. The Shane says this, shame says, I didn’t make a mistake. Shame says I am a mist

And you live there

And some of you I just sensed this moment right there that some of you, that’s exactly what you’re feeling right now

And you’re not

Because see that’s a lie of the darkness, but that voice is very real. Fact is I did make a mistake. I have made many of them. That’s fact.

Fact is, I personally have heard people tell me that I’m not good enough

In many different places, in many different venues of life. The fact is, I’ve heard someone that I love tell me that there was no use and keep going. Where I was going,

Fact is, I’ve heard my own mom tell me at one point when I left one place to go to another place that I shouldn’t have done it because I wasn’t close to her. And that sends a mixed message like, do I follow mom or do I follow God? What does she say? What does God say? And we live in this craziness of who do I follow, where do I go see fact is you may have a birth certificate that doesn’t have your biological parent’s name on there and that you were abandoned

And you’re low. You’re going, okay cow, what do I do with that fact

And all those facts and I could just keep going on and on and on and on with the fact. And that’s where you have to make a choice. Do you

Meditate or medicate? And some of us have made the choice to just medicate and we’ve medicated on all sorts of things. And I could again make a list as long as the screen on the medications

And some of the medications aren’t really bad. At one point in my life, my medication to run from this stuff was to just get more fit and to run more triathlons and to train more and to train more. And two or three times a day, I was either in the pool on a bike, on the run, and I was just training until one day my wife looked at me and said, you know, I love you and I love the fact that you feel like you have a purpose outside of ministry. But I feel like a single mom

Is. You’re never here. I was medicating and fitness. So what do you do with meditation? Meditation will give you a higher voice to listen to. It’s the voice of spiritual truth. Listen, that will overshadow if you allow it, overshadow fact. It’s the truth of the word of God. It fact may be that someone loved you and said they would love you till death left you. That’s fact. But Hebrews 13 truth says, Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. Are you with


Someone who loved you said, I don’t want to be with you anymore. Proverbs 18 truth says it. He will stick closer to you than a brother.

That’s truth fact.

Your biological parents didn’t wants you. Isaiah 49 says truth. God knew you before you even entered your mother’s womb.


Visions to truth says, I am your masterpiece, your creator and I’ve already prepared for you before you even born. Good works for you to walk in. That’s true. What am I saying here? I’m saying that in meditation you learn to build your life on godly truth.


That’s the beauty of meditation. That’s the depth of meditation. Build your life on the truth of God’s word, not the facts. John eight 31 and 32 Jesus said to those who believed this morning, pastor Archie said, for those of you who believe, let’s take communion because here’s what communion means. Here’s what communion represents. John eight 31 and 32 Jesus said to those of you who believe, if you abide in my word, not fact, if you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth and the truth. Help me will set you free as some of you are like. That’s what I desire. Just want to be free from these voices. I just want it to be free from this mindset. I want to be free from this darkness and that’s the beauty of meditation. That’s why we actually even started last week with fasting negative thoughts to replace them with godly truth. Was it just something we think of? Oh, that’s a cool thing. No, it builds upon, builds upon, builds upon where we’re going so that you can operate and walk in your spiritual gifting because you are created. Breathe in the image of God to do good works even before the earth was formed. That’s fact and that truth will set you free,

But we have an enemy. We have an enemy trying to get you to question truth. That’s the thing,

Nature of our whole culture today. Did God really say, is it really godly? Did the Bible, the Bible’s archaic? I mean, should I really not do this now? Should I really not have sex before we know what? See, the enemy will get you to question everything God says, because he’s going to tell you just like he did, Adam and Eve, the God’s trying to rip you off. God’s trying to keep you from something. God’s trying to limit your life. God’s trying to put you in a box when actually God’s trying to set you free. God’s trying to protect you. God’s trying to be with you and walk with you and show you that there’s life and life more abundantly than the old Testament told Joshua. If you’re familiar with this story, I’m not going to go there deep, but in the old Testament, God said to Joshua, who took over for Moses, I want you to meditate on this word day and night. What was this word? This word was be strong and courageous. He said that to Joshua at three different occasions. Be strong. Be courageous friends. Joshua was the mightiest warrior that the old Testament of Israel ever had seen. That guy was unbelievable

When it came to warfare,

And yet God said, I want you to be strong. I need you to be courageous and meditate on this word day and night. Meditate on this word day and night. Why? Because the fact was that he had seen the enemy and the enemy was so big and made him look like grasshoppers, and his friends had even said that fact is he’d seen Jericho and it was fortified like any other city you’ve ever seen. Those were facts, but the truth is, God said, I’ve already given you that

Land. It’s yours. Go get it. That’s truth

New Testament. Jesus was on his way to heal a little girl from a man named Jarius. Remember that he was interrupted with a woman who touched him of his garment. The fact was, the people came and said to Jarius, don’t bother the teacher anymore. Your little girl’s dead. Jesus overheard what they were saying and said to Jaris, don’t listen to them. That’s not fact. The truth is I am able to do more than you can imagine. I can do the impossible because with man, it’s too difficult and impossible, but with God, listen, nothing is and you have a choice. Today you have a choice to walk from this room, to sit in this room to, to sing the last song with either fact, which is fact or truth, which overcomes that.

This is why meditation is so vital. Remember what it said, Richard Foster simply to hear the word of God. It’s not complex and to walk in the word of God, not just hear it, but to Oban, to walk in it. See, the enemy is after your purpose. He will question truth to steal your purpose. Our purpose is not just to be on earth as I’ve already stated, for you just to make a living. You have a greater purpose and the enemy is stealing the purpose of God’s kids. Back to Genesis three one the first question that was ever asked, did God really say, did God really say very relevant today? Isn’t it? Did God really say that marriage has to look like this? Did God really say that you can’t go? Did God really say that? Did God say you need to know what God has said? It’s truth and meditation and the discipline of it does that it gives you truth. It allows you to walk in truth, not doubt and not darkness

But truth, but you have to meditate and meditate and meditate. As the word says, don’t let this depart from you. Don’t let it get away from you. That’s the importance of community in small groups sticking together, speaking truth. Even when fat comes in and somebody walks in with a bad week, fact is, man, my job is horrible. Truth is you’re an overcomer and the truth can overshadow the fact when it’s spoken to you and in you.

So how do we get this? So let’s close it up. Let’s wrap it up and tie it with a bone. Are you with me? You’re there. Respond. You’re there. Adam and Eve ate the fruit, right? Shame entered the world. They hid in fear. Second question asked in the Bible, by God not. The enemy. Question was, where are you now? Let me ask you this simple question on top of this question that’s practical. Do you not think that God didn’t know where they were hiding in the bushes?

He didn’t ask them to find out where they were physically. He says this question with a, where are you because you used to come running to me

When you heard me.

Where are you? Because you couldn’t wait to get to me when you heard my footsteps walking in the garden and some of us, he’s saying that today. Where are you? Because when you come into this place, into this gathering, you couldn’t wait to get here. Now you show up and it’s okay. It’s drum. It’s a little bit this, I’ll hope they do this. Where are you? I’m not even sure that you’re coming here

To meet God. You might be just coming here to worship the worship.

God’s asking those questions today to you and I, where are you? What’s occupying most of your time besides me? Why are you staying away from me? Why are you hiding? Why are you running when I’m walking towards you? Why is this going on? God’s asking that question. Where are you? So here’s the question that I want to actually close with.

So third question in the Bible

In verse 11 Genesis three God says, who told you that you were naked? Who told you this? Who told you the lie that paralyzed you from your purpose?

And now all you’re doing is making a living? Who told you that lie? Here it is. Are you ready? Last question of the day. To overshadow those questions, to bring it practical, and you need to kind of answer this this week in the moment of meditation,

Whose voice have you elevated above the voice of God? Is it the voice of Facebook?

Is it the voice of your career? Is it the voice of somebody that said something years and years ago that still rolling through your brain? Because it’s darkness? Whose voice have you allowed to be elevated

Above the voice of your creator? That’s what I want you to meditate on this week.

That’s what I want you to just think about. Roll around inside of your soul.

Whose voice have you elevated

Above the voice of God? What’d you close your eyes with me all across disciplines. Remember what meditation is for him.

It’s the ability to hear God’s voice

Simply obeys truth. A few months ago in our house, we have a pool outside of our backyard.


My little grandson who’s six


Was out and my wife had some of her team. She, Tina, my wife overseas, one of the welcome teams here and point some of her high school friends were coming over and they were hanging out at the pool.


And Luke six year old who’s an only son.


He’s just out there loving every bit of it. These teenage girls, man, they’re just loving every bit of it. But funnily one of them said, you can’t do that, and look, just the six year old son just kind of pop the shoulders back, stuck his chest out and I’m loving her listening and I’m listening to what’s going on. And he says, yes, I can. No, you can’t do that. Yes I can. Who told you you could do that? My daddy said I could do it. And I thought about that as I studied this, just swimming across the pool by yourself is your daddy said, your daddy said you. I thought about when the enemy’s voice comes to you. Who told you you do that? You can’t do that. You can’t walk in that kind of victory. You can’t get that. You can’t go there. You can’t change. You’ll never change our, our reaction needs to be yes I can. And when they said, who told you that? My daddy, my father.

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And that’s the relationship that comes with intimacy is through meditation, isn’t it? Become your cosmic limiting you. He becomes your heavenly dad giving you life purpose. And it makes that one scripture that we use so often. Jeremiah 29 11 really comfortable. I’m not come to harm you. Come to give you future future. I’m your dad. I love you. And if nothing else today as you sit here in this moment, I need you to hear in your spirit, God’s say with you.

I’m challenging you now as we go into this next song to start now, meditating, meditating, listening to the voice of God. Don’t sing the song because it’s a song. Listen to the lyrics to it. Hear what it’s saying to you. Hear what God is saying. As we close eyes, closed, heads bowed all across this place. We quoted the scripture. John eight earlier said, truth will set you free. Jesus said a little bit earlier, he said, I am the truth and the life. That’s Jesus. So maybe today you’re in this room and you’ve never asked truth to live inside of you. Jesus.

You know he’s here. You know he’s out there. You hear about him, but you’ve never asked him to live in you, to guide you as truth. I’m going to give you that opportunity to accept Jesus as the Lord truth, savior of your life. Simple prayer starts with Jesus. I give you my life. If you need to accept Jesus today as your savior because you never have asked him to come inside of you, would you just do that right now and just can I pray with you as well? Just be bold enough with all eyes closed. Just raise your hand and say, cow. That’s me. I’m praying that prayer right now. Jesus. I give you my life. Thank you, man. Thank you, Jesus. You sir. I give you my life. Thank you. I give you my life. That’s just the start of the journey. You got to get community so that somebody can help you continue to meditate on truth. We’ll be glad to set you up to do that today. If you stop and speak to us. Jesus.