It’s easy for people to feel alone
You can be with a lot of people and yet feel alone.
crowded church-feel lonely.
stay-at-home mom-loneliness.
work around a lot of people-not feel close
college student and you’re surrounded by people.
dysfunctional marriage, what do you feel?
successful business person -open up to.

4 Reasons
the breakdown of families – never eat or play together.
people don’t stay in one place very long.
there’s the heavy work loads.
the rise of social media

God’s solution to the problem of loneliness is hospitality. Community.
Luke 10:25-37 – Parable of the Good Samaritan.
welcome people who don’t ordinarily belong there.
The word table is found in almost every chapter of Luke.
When was the last time you accepted hospitality?
August Home Dinner Parties all over the city.

What God wants me to do
Whoever God puts in front of you is God’s assignment for you.
This is where I am—who’s out there?

Importance of listening
I think the most loving thing you can do is listen.
I’d listened for 55 minutes then in the last five I’d have something say.
Every one of you is a library. And I think sometimes we meet someone, we take one book off the shelf and that’s it, when there’s a whole library of stories.

As we excel in hospitality, his kingdom is going to come his will is going to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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