Fight to Surrender

Fight to Surrender

The only way many of us ever get anything is to hustle.  God’s way is for us to surrender to him and trust him to lead our lives.  At some point it become a life or death battle of the wills.  Until we surrender our will to God and trust him with everything in our lives, we will never be able to receive the blessings he has prepared for us.


Genesis 32:22-32


  1. Hustle. – Dream is free but the question is sold separately.  Esau, Dad, Uncle
  2. to ensure the story turns out exactly the way he wants.


  1. Jacob was standing between his past struggle with Laban and the impending struggle with Esau.
  2. We are born individuals and that is how God knows us. The real question is, what does God think of us.


  1. Awareness of another. You are alone then another comes and begins to deal with you.
  2. Aware of 2 beings.  Myself and my creator.


  1. God comes at this time because He wants Jacob to realize that his real struggle all along has been with God.
  2. Only one fight that we can stand toe to toe with God. It is the struggle to surrender our will to his.
  3. You get used to your ways of doing things.
    1. Here’s how it often works: You’re in the midst of some challenging situation in life—a crisis at work or something with your marriage or a health scare. But what has worked for you before, doesn’t work anymore.
    2. You lose the job, your marriage, your health. You’re crushed. There’s no more fight left in you.
  4. Everything becomes irrelevant as your one concern now is God who you are fighting.
  5. You better be careful about judging someone in a breaking season.
  6. When God broke his hip. He went from fighting to just hanging on.


  1. If there is brokenness, there has got to be a blessing.
  2. People want the good stuff without being made ready to receive it.


  1. What is your name? I am Jacob the hustler. I have not trusted your promise.  I have not believed your pro vision for my life. I have question your protection. I have not trusted in the goodness of God.


  1. You cannot get God’s blessings doing things your way.
  2. How can a man remain what he was if he is in the presence of God?
    1. Jacob -Israel
    2. ConMan – touched by God
    3. Trickster – seen God face to face
    4. who you were – who you are going to be.


  1. And he set up an altar there and called it “God, the God of Israel” (Genesis 33:20).
  2. The prodigal son.  Esau his happy to receive him back.