BAD DECISIONS – Distracted

BAD DECISIONS – Distracted

Distracted From Jesus

Luke 10:38-42


  • There has never been a more distracting time than now
  • average office worker – 100 minibreaks during the week, drinks 19 cups of coffee, and attends 17 meetings – 56% smartphones biggest obstacle to productivity.
  • Distractions are a productivity killer but tech isn’t our biggest distraction.


  • 13 show up at your door unannounced. “Do you mind if we hang out here for a couple of days?”
  • families come together to make sure the preparations are made. Becomes agitated because her sister
  • What Mary did or should have done was never the solution.
  • The solution was not Mary or even Martha, but Jesus. 
  • Confidence that Jesus would take care of everyone.


  • Looking at others versus looking at Jesus (superiority vs. humility)
  • Can I really trust God that much? Salvation and Tithing example.
  • Illustration of money for construction.


  • Finding a safe place to spend with Jesus while the world spins out of control.
  • The Holy Spirit wants us to see Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet. That is the most important picture for us to see.

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