Is This a Test?


  • I don’t need Jesus, I’m self sufficient.
  • self sufficiency=you have to be a controller. The way that I am most comfortable, safe, and secure.
  • Controller = Functional atheist – Someone who responds with “what am I going to do?”
  • You are in a place of self sufficiency and I will bring you out of self-sufficiency.


  • John 6:1-14. Going back in time.


    • Domestic violence. 
    • “Did not do what I told him to do…” 
    • This story is given to teach us that our relationship with God is not about what we tell him to do.
  • TEST 
    • Faith must be tested for it to increase.
    • God doesn’t deliver us, it’s the test that is actually delivering us.
    • Hebrews 11:6 Without faith it is impossible to please God.
  • BEST 
    • control vs. Jesus (small me vs. big God) 
    • Whether you think God can or can’t, you’re right
    • Life is about making an eternal impact upon people’s lives.


  • When God asks us a question, we can already see in it what he wants to do
  • We are called to produce something that transcends human strength and is going to last for eternity. 
  • We’re to be his followers, instruments, and doing what He wants to do
  • God himself is ready to do great things through us

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