BAD DECISIONS :: Why Are You So Afraid?


I don’t know why so many bad things happen to us.

Every morning we wake up to a thousand different fears we have to deal with.

“Fear causes people to live far below their ability. If we are not careful, a thousand fears will attack us when we awake in the morning.

In 1933-37, the longest suspension bridge in the world and considered a golden gate to a bright American future. during construction of the bridge 30 workers fell, but 19 of them were saved because of a safety net that the lead engineer insisted on installing. Only 1 man died up-till one month before it opened, then on February 17, ten more men lost their lives when a section of scaffold carrying twelve men fell through the safety net. The net cost $130K. Not only did it save their lives, the work actually finished ahead of schedule and $1.3M under budget because they didn’t live in fear of falling.

GOD – Mark 4:35-41

One moment all is well; then, in a flash, all is hell. They thought they were going to the other side of the lake, not the bottom!

Jesus asked, “why are you so afraid?” The point of the passage is not that Jesus controls weather, but that the disciples had no reason to fear. God was not going to let the boat sink and the storm was not going to last forever.

Traditionally the church is seen as the boat in a storm being tossed about and swamped by waves of persecutions and temptations.

Why is it that we so easy have faith in Jesus to forgive us our sins and accept us into heaven but have such difficulty letting him have control of how we respond (or not) to the conflicts in our daily lives?  


How would these men have acted, do you think, if they had had faith? Suppose their faith had been strong — their faith in him and in God’s care and love — what would they have done? One thing is certain: they would not have woken him; they would have let him rest. He was weary and tired, and needed the rest badly. They would have done so because their faith would have reminded them of two great facts: One, the boat will not sink; it cannot sink when the Master of ocean and earth and sky is in it. Two, the storm will not last forever.

God is not simply interested in solving problems; he’s interested in developing your faith. He knows exactly how to do that.  This doesn’t come naturally to us. 


One guy had a prominent position, a comfortable lifestyle, and then in one 24-hour period, it was gone. He came to this conference and said to me, “Howie, you need to know I’m going home, but my wife doesn’t know it. My children don’t know it. And I want you to pray with me.” That’s a pretty heavy storm. And he said, “I believe God is developing my faith.”

Ray Stedman illustration – A year or so ago, a good friend of mine, a handsome young evangelist from another country, told me about all the troubles he and his wife were going through. He was very dejected. She was struggling with severe physical problems ill health arising from asthma and bronchitis which constantly kept her down. They had gone through years of struggle with this condition of hers already, and it seemed to pull the bottom out of everything he attempted to do. Here they were planning to go back to their own country, and now she was sick again. He came to me so discouraged. I remember turning to this incident in Mark and reciting this story, and saying to him, “Remember, the boat will not sink, and the storm will not last forever. That is having faith — to remember those facts.” He thanked me, we prayed together, and he left. I did not see him for a couple of months; then we ran into each other. I said, “How are things going? How is your wife?”

“Oh, not much better. She’s still having terrible struggles. She can’t breathe, and can’t take care of the children or the house, and we have a hard time. But I do remember two things: the boat will not sink, and the storm will not last forever!”
A doctor discovered a minor deficiency in her diet which needed to be remedied. When that was done, the asthma and bronchitis disappeared, and she was in glorious, radiant health, and they were rejoicing together. At the bottom of the page he had written, “The boat will not sink, and the storm will not last forever.” 
“This past week this young man sent word that his wife is in the hospital, and the doctors suspect leukemia. Her asthma is under control. Pray that he will remember what you told him about the boat and the storm.” So a new storm has broken out in their lives. But remember, the boat will not sink, and the storm will not last forever.

Road to Emmaus – The messianic hopes of God’s people did not expire with the death of Jesus of Nazareth. Everything that happened, had been predicted and should have been expected.

Hindsight shows us how even random small things are all a collection of dots that God is connecting to fulfill his purpose for our lives. Our lives are sophisticatedly and divinely orchestrated by God.

Instead of a thousand fears every morning, we should have a thousand faiths. Martin Luther said, Faith is a living daring confidence in God grace. It is so sure that a person could stake their life on it a thousand times.

In our lifetime, may we stake our life a thousand times on the goodness and faithfulness of God.

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