Home Groups

Home Groups

We don’t want anyone to do life alone! Here at The Point Church, we like to say that we are “better together” because we each have the opportunity to learn and grow as we influence each other’s lives.

Joining a Home Group is easy! Find a group that is most convenient for you and complete the form below to receive detailed information.


Marty and Rosanne Alarcon – Mondays @ 7pm – Fourthplain Ct, San Jose 95121


Victoria Tsang and Lisa Shao – Tuesdays @ 9:30am – Lakeside Dr, San Jose 95148
John and Jerri Cummings – Tuesdays @ 7pm – Old Piedmont Rd, San Jose 95132
Cal and Tina Woods – Tuesdays @ 7pm – Alta Vista Wy, San Jose 95127


Greg Hart – COLLEGE & CAREER – Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
Archie and Rebekah Jackson – Wednesdays @ 7pm – Alta Vista Wy, San Jose 95127
Dan Teuthorn – Wednesdays @ 7:30pm – Montecito Dr, San Jose 95135


Matthew & Carmen Mckinstry – 1st & 3rd Fridays @ 7pm – Chemin de Riviere, San Jose, 95148

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