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Together we are a church family. That means when we are together in fellowship we grow closer to God and one another. The Bible speaks about iron sharpening iron so only together will we grow stronger. 


God blesses the church that gets outside of itself. Jesus calls for us to go outside the walls of our building to reach the lost and the broken. We are making an effort to be like the church from the book of Acts, to see our neighborhood and world changed.



We Guide Everyone To Start Their Day With God

The first thing we are to do every morning is align our hearts with God's.  When we speak and listen to God first, before anything else, he will tell us what we need to be aware of and he will shape our mindset according to his purpose for that day.  This practice is our single best guarantee that we will keep instep with God's Spirit and live a life without regret

Sunday Worship Is The Highlight Of Our Week

Starting each week off together with our church family, having God’s Spirit and Word in our heart, receiving the encouragement and inspiration of genuine friends, and experiencing God shaping our heart… all makes for a fantastic week in San Jose!

We Believe Life Is Better Together!

We understand that making friends in San Jose is of the utmost importance. The way we do that best at The Point is by joining a small group or a volunteer team.  We have small groups of people that meet regularly to cultivate deep friendships and do life with one another. We regularly organize events to bring people together where friendships can be easily made

We Are Here To Help

All of us go through challenging times, whether it be a marriage, family or financial crisis, or work or health problems. We want you to know you are not alone, we are here for you at The Point. Caring for each other and for people in our community is what defines us

Our church family is as diverse as the neighborhood and we’re all here for the same reason: LOVE

Choose to join any of our 4 other language groups (in addition to English) all at the same time, 10:30 AM on Sundays. Each has their own pastor, music, and auditorium. All our children meet together in English, as do our students. Our church’s leadership team is represented equally by every group and we operate with a combined budget




Our church has been ministering to the people of San Jose since 1907.


Our first meetings took place in a tent before we started renting a hall at 84 W. Santa Clara St.  In 1908 we began renting the First Presbyterian Church on 48 N. 3rd Street, newly rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake.


We later rented space from the Methodist Episcopal on 69 S. 3rd St.


In 1923 we purchased a church on 4th and Williams St for $4,000 and then sold it in 1928 and we were able to build a church at 21st Street & San Fernando Streets in downtown San Jose.


Interesting Trivia: As the Great Depression started, the ladies in the church began to minister to the community by feeding hundreds of children in the church basement during their school lunch hour. This ministry is credited in California history as the inspiration and start of California’s public school free lunch program.


In 1955 we bought 4 lots on the corner of Cragmont and Alum Rock Ave for $15,5000 for future expansion. In 1962 the congregation relocated to 4801 Alum Rock Avenue.


In 1988, recent convert and member, Ramona Stocking, left the church 7 acres on N. Capital and Mabury, upon her passing. The property had served as Stocking Rose Gardens for 67 years and is renown for creating the famous Peace rose.


We had hoped to build a larger building there to accommodate the growing congregation, but when the city did not approve of that plan, we waited for God to act. In 2002 we traded that property for a 51 acre property in Evergreen where we could build. We sold 41 acres to developers and with the money, built our current facility.




Natasha Barber

Worship Pastor

Mary Santiago is the pastor of the spanish group at the point church

Mary Santiago

Spanish Pastor

sara is a worship pastor for the spanish group

Sara Escobar

Spanish Worship Leader

Sean Lee

Mandarin Pastor

Samith Mey is the pastor of the cambodian group at the point church

Samith Mey

Cambodian Pastor

Sovanna Nhuong

Associate Cambodian Pastor

Noah Rouleau

Student Director

Maricela Bocanegra

Childrens Director

Lucero Gijon

Childrens Director

Daniel Garcia

Facility Manager

Victor Garcia is the student pastor at the point church

Victor Garcia

Community Pastor