Romans 8 Declarations

Romans 8 Declarations

I have everything I need for God to transform my mind and thoughts
I have a plan to control my thoughts
I have a place to think my thoughts
I have people to stretch my thoughts
I have a power to fuel my thoughts

I trust God’s work in me and God’s living and breathing Spirit is in me.
I welcome the Spirit in my life and I have the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, delivering me from that dead life.

The Spirit of God helps me in my weakness
The Spirit of Life heals my thoughts and mind
The Spirit of Jesus transforms my heart

Because God loves me –
he brings good to every circumstance of life
Because God loves me –
no one can stand against me
Because God loves me –
He graciously gives me all things
Because God loves me –
I am more than a conqueror

Because he loves me
Trouble or hard times cannot stop me
Hatred or homelessness cannot break me
Bullying threats or backstabbing cannot shut me down

In fact, because he loves me
nothing living or dead
angelic or demonic
today or tomorrow
high or low
thinkable or unthinkable –
absolutely nothing stops God’s love from transforming me.